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Xavier The X-Man and Sheryl Try Filipino Food

Besides Lumpia, Xavier the X-Man had never ventured into the world of Filipino food, despite being a Mexipino, so Sheryl Love took him to Tita’s Kitchenette in National City to expand his Filipino palate! To listen to the podcast:

Sergio’s Kids

Sergio was in need of our help. He didn’t ask for it and he definitely didn’t expect it. In fact, we totally met him by complete chance, thanks to Magic listener, Yesenia. Read all about his story here:

Magic 92.5 Breakfast with Jagger & Kristi

Have you ever wondered what your favorite radio stations on-air studio looks like? How about how it would be to hang out with your favorite radio DJs? Here’s your chance! Get a behind the scenes look of the Magic 92.5 studio and hang out with Jagger and Kristi all while enjoying some delicious breakfast all […]